Review: B&W CDM-7nt Speaker

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Musical tastes include mostly Jazz and classical, testing was done using John Williams "American Journey" and Moussorgky's Pictures at an Exhibition. My wife listens to a lot of classic rock as well.

The more important aspects of the sound from these speakers is clarity and accuracy of reproduction of sound.

The worst thing that these speakers could do is reproducing sounds poorly or muddy. If the highs and mids are sharp or harsh is also a turn off. The speakers should have good mid range response, but most of the base work is done by the sub.

I've had these speakers since Nov. of 2002, I bought them to replace as set of Infinity speakers that I gave to my brother. This was a very welcome change and a big improvement in sound quality.

The strengths include the clarity and value for the price. The speakers are very clean and accurate. The tweeter helps to create a more transparent sound that if it were enclosed in the case.

For the price there aren't many weeknesses. I guess that if I had to pick something, I would ask for a stronger low end so I didn't need a sub, but you can't have everything.

I think that I would replace these speakers if I had the money, but I would upgrade to the B&W signiture top of the line speaker.

Associated gear
Rotel RSX-1065
M&K V-75 MK II
Carver SD/A-360 CD player
Sony DVP-C660 DVD player
Monster power HTS 7000
Carver HTR 880

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I've played with these speakers for a year now and couldn't agree more with the review from Vtgrumpy. The highs are the strong point and are played with extreme clarity.
However, when I went to a Classe processor and Earthquake amplifier, the midrange filled in the gap to the point of blending into the sub crossover range. My room pulses with a new sensation of bass because of the quality of components giving these speakers a "full" sound. I could probably purchase the nautilus line of B&W speakers, but I knew that I had made a better choice by creating a better signal for these speakers to play. I owe this in part to listening to these speakers connected to Rotel separates in a hi-fi store and getting the same results.