Review: Arcam Diva CD72 CD Player

Category: Digital

I have owned and listened (a lot)to the Arcam CD72 for about 8 months. So far, it has performed beautifully. The CD72 sounds natural and detailed. My CD72 replaced an older NAD cd player. The Arcam CD72 simply sounds more natural and flowing. For me, this is the most important aspect of a cd player. In addition, the build quality is good and solid, and the styling is classic and simple.

I listen to folk, blues, classical, and jazz. As I am writing this review, I am listening to David Wilcox's "Underneath" on Vanguard/HDCD. The CD72 is excellent on acoustic music and vocals. A couple other acoustic cd's which I love to listen to and which sound great in the CD72 are Livingston Taylor's "Ink" on Chesky, and "Antonio Forcione Live" on Naim. Anyway, on all these revealing recordings, the CD72's accuracy shines with a very natural, smooth pace. The CD72's natural, open sound allows you to hear the different rooms in all these recordings.

For Blues, my favorite cd's include Luke and the Locomotives (Robert Lucas) and Bluesquest (especially the last track from Mighty Sam McLain) on Audioquest. These are detailed, natural sounding recordings which the CD72 plays to near perfection. My best sounding classical cd is "Music for a Glass Bead Game" on John Marks Records. The CD72 allows the violin and cello on the cd to sound as if they are in the room. Very real.

I have not noticed any weaknesses of the CD72. It is definately the strongest part of my system and I believe it could perform extremely well in a system of far more involving amplification and speakers of greater accuracy and body. The CD72's excellent sound is well worth it's cost. However, if money was no know.

Associated gear
Arcam Diva A65 Integrated Amplifier
Chapman Audio A300 speakers or
Acoustic Energy Aegis Ones
DH Labs T-14 and BL-1 cabling

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