Review: Antique Sound Labs MG Head DT Tube preamp

Category: Preamps

Well, This amp was quite a feat for me, It was my first high-end headphone amplifier. The sound was quite different. It was quite a bit clearer than my previous headphone amplifier. This amp does have the basic tube sound though, warm, forgiving.etc. This amp has no problem driving the Sennheiser HD600's.

Personally, While this is quite a nice headphone amplifier, I think that for the price, I would've been better off with a solid state Slee Solo amplifier.

All I can emphasize is that if you find one of these on the used market, make sure it is the OTL version. Antique

Associated gear
Hospital Grade Power Cord
Denon DCM-370
Rhino Interconnects
MG Head DT
Sennheiser HD600

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hmm i've never heard a word about the slee solo ?? want to help. :)

also do you solid state to tubes or is the solo just a better for you in the price range ??