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For what it is worth here is my opinion on Amadi Phil Ref RCA ICs. I installed a pair between my tubed CD player and a low power tubed integrated, inserted a CD and listened. I was immediately involved in what was coming out of my system. The speed, clarity, detail, tonal characteristics, impressive base line, and the ability to provide low level ambient information was totally happening. As a result of the cables ability to transfer the information on my CD to my integrated unobstructed, uncoloured, and with no influences the sound stage was very impressive. Let us not forget this is fresh out of the zip lock bag.

It has now been roughly 120 hrs of play and the cables continue to impress with improvements in sound stage and everything else totally involving. I substituted a back up Tri Path into the system and although this amp lacks in polish and refinement, the cables came through in spades. All I can say is hearing is believing.

I expect minimal improvements, but will advise if more needs to be said. In a nutshell these cables are exceptional, with a MSRP of approx. $490. In my 40 years as an audio enthusiast I have had many audio pieces come and go and I truly believe these cables deserve our attention. Philip is a pleasure to deal with and auctions his cables here on Audiogon. I am not sure if he offers a money back trial period, but you could contact him.

Compare his construction to upscale cables of your choice and see how they stack up. All conductors are of high quality materials . 7 x 28awg solid core silver . Individually insulated in an extra large Teflon tubes in each cable. I don't shield my cables but, I do insulate them very well and braided. What people sometimes don't know is that shielding cables sometimes degrades the sound. Cardas RCAs with Cardas silver solder.

Just my opinion in my listening environment.

Cheers Jim

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Tubed CD Player
Tubed Integrated
Tri Path Integrated
Solid state class A

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Amadi Phil Ref. RCA ICs
I am providing some correspondence as emailed to me from Mike who purchased from me 1 pair of the 5 pair of the Amadi Phil Ref ICs that I purchased from Philip.

Re: Response to your ad FOR SALE: Amadi Phil Ref RCA ICs 1 meter

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Message starred Tuesday, February 5, 2013 5:25:54 PM
Jim . Just installed the cable and put on stereophile test cd 2 . And my jaw is on the floor. I think I might need a second pair very soon .

Response to your ad FOR SALE: Amadi Phil Ref RCA ICs 1 meter (1 Pair Sold)

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Canuck Audio Mart

Message starred Tuesday, February 5, 2013 8:44:19 PM
Thanx Jim for feedback . Give me a day or two to do same . Just busy . Will get there .at this point I think if you hold another pair of new ones for the same price I will purchase . Need a few days to find a few dollars or I can send you a small deposit to hold . In any case need a another pair I am selling all the kimber pbj's and solid link so need to replace .

I thought this to be relevant to an up and coming Cable Guy Philip of Amadi Cables.

Cheers Jim