Revel F30 vs. Joseph Audio RM25si

I have done alot of research and these are the two speakers that inrigue me the most. My problem is that I live in the boonies. I can take a day trip and listen to the Revels, but no Joseph Audios around. Has anyone compared these two speakers ? I would love to know what you think. Thanks.
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I bought a pair of Joseph Audio 22s and had them for a month and returned them. I know people rave about them, but I was very unhappy with them. They were bright and hard to listen to. I never got a sense of ease and coherence with them. I demoed at least five speakers in my system and they were the worst. I have a Krell integrated and at the time, an Adcom GCD750 cd. I ended up with Aerial Acoustic Model 6s, and they are great speakers and similar in price to the RM25si. They are warm, laid back, natural, sweet and well worth checking out. If you are serious about the RM25sis,I would suggest you make sure that you are able to listen to them in your system and can return them if you are not happy with them.