Restoring vinyl ?

Ah the follies of youth-I never looked after my vinyl over the years-my mate has several albums I borrowed with footprints on them and well I even left the turntable lid up one time on a rare sunny day and turned an lp into a bowl with a hole in it.
Anyway I'm now selling off parts of my vinyl collection-any hints or tips on restoring vinyl?
I'm just wondering if the vinyl guru's here know any cheap home made tricks..........and yes I know I'll be left forever to regret not looking after it especially since a fair bit of it would be valuable if it was in decent nick.
looking for fixes to get mini warps out of lp's too
Like trying to unspread a rumor and unscrambling and egg. Not likely.

I did read a members post about placing a 1/2" thick piece of glass on a record to eventually remove a slight warp. That might work but I don't know.

There was a thread recently about a Greek audio club and it's very expensive systems. Somewhere in that site there was mention of a scratch removal formula (I think it was Italian) you could buy.

Good luck
I have tried the lp sandwitched between two thick pieces of glass in a 150 degree oven to flatten warps. It worked. go very slow and allow hours to cool.