Resetting the power on power amp question

I kept my Pass X250 powered up all the time.Now i need to replace power cord on it.Is turning off the amp for 30 seconds and then turning it back on after that somehow superior to just turning it for a night or is it that once the amp is turned off no matter for how long it will need another 3 or 4 days to be powered on to recapture it's sonic bloom?I hope my question is not confusing.Thanx for your responses.
The reason for keeping the amp on all of the time is to keep its temperature at its optimum for the performance of the amps thermally sensitive components. Turning it off for a few moments or hours shouldn't make a meaningful difference. FWIW, the only reason to leave it on all of the time is to avoid having to wait for it to warm-up to its optimal temperature. This should never take days to achieve, especially once you are past initial breakin. Hours perhaps. The reason most keep them up 24/7 is it is thought that there is no downside other than the nominal cost of the electricity and that maintaining the temperature might cause less degredation than the continual process of heating and cooling. With high power amps biased heavily into class A I'm not sure about the extent of thermal related degredation due to being left on constantly.