Replacing tubes for Audio Research Ref 2SE


I have 2500 Hours on my reference 2SE. Should I be replacing my tubes. ARC manual says to replace them between 2000-4000 Hours.

Also appreciate for any feedback on different tubes for 2SE.
Your 6550 WE PS regulator is definitely ready for replacement. The (4) 6H30s are still good to go. I'm not a tube roller, but other may have some suggestions. Enjoy.
I have couple 6550C which I got from . can I use one of them ? or will there be a problem ?
The "old" 6550 "Winged C" tube was what ARC used to use in the Ref 5. I understand that the factory that made the original 6550 Winged C burned down several years ago. One vendor who sells 6550 Winged Cs cancelled an order a while ago because of quality issues.

Call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. He'll steer you in the right direction.