Replacing outdoor speakers

I know this is not a truly an audiophile question, but my patio speakers, now 16 years old in PacNW weather but under the eaves  are pretty hopeless and need replacing. Obviously I'm not looking for recommendations on multi-thousand dollar recommendations but what have others found acceptable price wise, durable and acoustically solid?

I have a pair of Definitive Technology AW6500 speakers in my patio area.  Pretty solid. I use an older 2 channel 100 watt Adcom amp to drive them, and I have a Sonos Connect connected, so they fit in with the rest of the background music house audio system.  The sound is excellent for outdoor speakers.  They are mounted with the supplied brackets to my house wall, which is smooth stucco over concrete.  I recommend getting a 1/8" sheet of rubber, and cutting it to the size of the bracket, and installing that rubber between the speaker and the wall.  Reason being, when a bass heavy song comes on, there is a vibration rattle from the bracket to wall connection.  I have been meaning to do this for ages and have been lazy!  But if you do it at the time of install, so much less effort.

Thanks, Mark. I'd narrowed my search down to DefTek AW650 and Klipsch AW650, and today demo'd both against each other. There was a very slight difference, Klipsch a little tighter and more defined on upper registers, DefTk a little (very little) larger soundstage. The Klipsch's were on sale this weekend for $299, and the DefTek's $500. I chose the Klipsch's And just finished installation. They sound great and I have $200 worth of extra happiness.


Nice!! We adore our poolside speakers.. Enjoy!