Replacement tonearm for Music Hall

I have a Music Hall MMf-5 turntable that I snapped one of the wires while trying to replace the cartridge. I need some advice on what replacement tonearm would fit with the mmf-5 within a reasonable budget.
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I did the same thing on my MMF-5. The wires on those are unusually brittle and the clips are really tight on the supplied cartridge. I used the opportunity to upgrade and sell the MMF-5 as is, but you might consider having Brit Audio or someone rewire the arm with Cardas wire. I'm sure that would be an improvement over the stock wire.
I decided to go ahead and upgrade to an MMF 7.1. The mmf-5 was the first table I purchased as an adult audiophile, as I had many turntables as a kid but they were always cheap crap. When I was growing up the shift was to cd so I kind of went that route, until about 8 years ago I bought the mmf-5 and was impressed with that.
I recently purchased a MMF 5.1 and had looked in to possible upgrades prior to purchase. It occured to me that one of the better quality Project carbon fiber arms may be a direct swap. One of the online retailers confimed my suspicion but indicated the arms were not yet available separately. I did install a Herbies mat which made a significant difference and in the future intend to upgrade the both cartridge and then preamp.
Still wishing I could have afforded to spring for the 7.1 I am pretty happy with what I presently have.