Replacement Drivers

Need good (not great) replacement drivers: 10" woofer and 4" midrange. Suggestions on Models/Places to buy are appreciated.
Unfortunately the cone diameter is only one of the factors that should be taken into account. Other, like magnet strength, suspesion stiffness, maximum excursion, coil diameter should be also checked. So, buy exactly the same drivers as the ones you have.
Unfortunately, these are a pair of OLD KOSS speakers, and no original parts are available. Its a beautiful cabinet, so would be a waste to dump them. Will keep in mind the factors you listed, however, still need a place to purchase just the drivers.
Mspanl, Well, you've certainly set out a bit of a problem. Here goes: You could try some of the stock replacement drivers from Part Express or MCM electronics. Most are inexpensive OEM types the MIGHT work (but probably not that well)..... Since you say that the cabinets are the best part of the system perhaps you might consider looking for a DIY design that would use the cabinets but replace the existing drivers and crossovers. (This is WAY more $$$) Other driver suppliers that have inexpensive drivers are Zalytron and Madisound. Both are on the web and have very good catalogs and reputations among the DIY community.
Try Speaker City, Madisound, Meniscus Audio, Orca Design, Noth Creek Music Systems.