Repair or Sell for parts, Luxman PX-100

Hi, new to the forum but I have a question about repair. I have a Luxman PX-100 turntable that I've played the heck out of and enjoy. In the course of replacing my cartridge and headshell, I damaged the "male" pins the headshell plugs into. Is it possible to save my Luxman, or is it time sell it for parts?
First, there is no need to ditch the whole table because of a glitch that only involves the tonearm. There are probably other tonearms that will mount on the plinth, if not in the same place where the built-in tonearm mounts, then possibly on the left rear area. Second, there are guys who can fix problems like this. One such person was Brooks Berdan in LA, CA. He is now deceased, but I understand that his son is still in the business. Look for Berdan Audio in LA. Another such person is Jim Howard, known as Tubesforever on Vinyl Asylum. He has a business name, but I don't know it. There are surely others that I don't know about. Good Luck.