Repair guidance needed for ailing Rega Planet

A good friend has an original Rega Planet. When a disc is loaded into the player it produces a static or zapping sound out of the speakers. When skipping tracks or stopping play, the same sound can be heard. When you skip tracks it starts about two seconds into the track about 75% of the time. Rega did not seem to have a solution and suggested that it was probably the transport, which they did not have a replacement for. The transport is a Sony part, marked 1-645-722-51. Any guidance on the problem or leads on a spare transport would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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No responses means no-one thnks it is a good idea to replace a part that may NOT actually be the problem!
I say it is junked. The problem may be some electrical gizmo (most likely a capacitor!) and you will just be blowing away money on a lost cause.
Find a used replacement... even the same model. and keep the one you have for parts?