Removing Oak Side Rails From Magnepans

Does anyone know if this would do anything -- good or bad -- to Magneplanars?

I have Tympani IVa's and my wife thinks they would look more like traditional room dividing screens (ie higher "WAF") with the side rails removed.

Would there be unsightly holes underneath? Do the panels need the rails to hold themselves together or are the rails just cosmetic?

With respect to rigidity, I have just received new MYE sound stands which should take care of that with or without the side rails I would think.

Any thoughts or ideas greatly appreciated.
Don't know about the Tympanies, but, I removed the rails from the tweeter side of my IIIA's and it improved the sound dramatically. I believe it mostly has to do with dispersion being interrupted by the edge rails. I left the other side in place because of rigidity concerns, but, apparently you won't have that problem. Go ahead and try it, it's FREE and reversable!
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I heard from Mr Vandermye from Mye Sound via email today regarding this subject today.

I was very curious to hear that he, too, removes the side panels with the belief that it reduces diffraction effects.

So I think mine will soon be history.