remote control for the lexicon MC1

I have just bought a used lexicon mc1 off ebay.The processor will arrive with out a remote control. I am new to HT and with a moderate budget i thought this was a good place to start.Ihave exchanged emails with the seller and i am getting the feeling that the processor is not fully functional with out the remote control is there any one out there who can advise me kind regards kent.
I used to have the MC1 and have the MC12B now. For some strange reason, their remote controls are prone to malfunction. It happened with the MC1 and recently the MC12B. Lexicon makes one heck of a processor but not their remotes, as I don't know who makes their flimsy remotes, and whereas the remotes for all my other components don't seem to have this problem.

My guess is that was what happened to the seller's MC1 remote control as well.

Without the remote control, Lexicon processors are not impossible to navigate, but more of a pain. So I suggest you call Lexicon to buy a new remote control.

I have had to call Lexicon service to buy new remote control. They have them in stock, and fortunately are not too expensive...
what a small world i have just seen a lex mx500t right here on are very owen audiogon i believe this will do the trick. thank you for your help regards kent.