Rel Subs, 2 T1's or 1 B1

I have decided to buy a new sub, really just to try something different, and have decided after all of the great feedback, on Rel. My question is:

1 Rel B1


2 Rel T1's

any opinions?
Actually, I would go with an S series sub. I use a Stadium 11 and stadium 111. I would avoid the T series, which is HT orientated. According to Paul Messenger " Previous RELs I have tried have offered good 20-40Hz output, rolling off above this at a gentile rate. Sadly, this wasn't the case with the new T1, which doesn't offer any real extension below 30Hz, and the lowest filter setting comes up to 60Hz before rolling off. No surprise then that it failed to underpin the Quad 2805s effectively. " I bought both of mine used. A pair of Storms would work well , 2 Stadiums even better. The general consensus is that 2 smaller subs are better than one large one but I used one for a while and was quite happy.

Something else to consider, Roger (Irish65) told me that the subwoofer I needed ideally would have 8" drivers because they are much more stable in the waves being put out.

I didn't know that subwoofers with 8" drivers existed, and then Teajay put out this review on Audiogon last month:

Teajay also has Maggies, so this might be of interest to you.

The T1 works best if you have concrete floors under the carpet. On floors where there is a crawl space or basement below the R series is much better.
I'm using S series for my main system (Strata III) and love it. The integration with music system is uncanny. I never dreamed that any sub could integrate so well. (Everyone asks "wheres the sound of the sub" until I turn it off!).

The T series are working VERY well for me in two secondary music systems that have small main speakers. The T series take small systems that would otherwise sound lean, and flesh them out extremely well. Integrates very well with the music, perhaps not quite on a par with the S. Home run overall.

As for HT, I prefer R series, because it is INCREDIBLY dynamic. Just explosive. OTOH I had trouble integrating R series with my tube music-only system. (Cheaper subs work good in HT too, IMHO.)

I don't think T is focused on HT or music per se, just trying to serve both audiences (it is downward firing with side passive, if I recall.).

From what I understand, downward is better for integration with music, side firing for HT when it comes to REL subs.

Never heard B series alas. Seems like there is a definite nod to both music and HT there. Seems like REL considers the expensive S models to be their flagship for music though.

Single versus double? Single will probably go deeper and have more control and nuance, for the same $$$. Double will fill in the inevitable gaps in frequency due to room resonances if you place them right. Very hard to choose. I'd lean towards single myself but VERY personal preference.