Rega, Totem, or KEF bookshelf speakers?

In an earlier forum I asked about converting a 10x10 room into a listening room. My concern was whether or not it would be too small. After reading the responses—thanks to everyone who made suggestions, including those who had me spending well beyond my hoped-for budget!—I've gained confidence to move forward. Now for the speakers. I've narrowed my choice (for the moment, of course) to three: the KEF LS50, the choice of several respondents in the first forum; the Rega RX1; and the Totem Rainmaker. All are in my price range and, though the Totem are only available used, they can be found. 

As I'm new to audio, I've not heard any of these speakers. Reviews read, yes, suggestions from friends and more experienced listeners, yes; but no first-hand experience, and in our current circumstances, hearing anything in a shop isn't likely. So I'd be glad to hear from those who have heard these.

My power source will be modest, an integrated amp between 50-75w (NAD C 320BEE or Luxman R-115 receiver in the house right now; maybe the Rega Brio or something similar in the future), and I'll only be playing vinyl. A Rega P3 is my TT. The thought of an all-Rega room is attractive, if the RX 1's are a good choice. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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wold anyone like to elaborate on the Rega RX1 vs. the RS1?  i heard the RX1 and found the RS1 to be much more alive and bought them.  what was i missing?  i felt that Rega had taken a step backwards.  currently use the Rega Brio R and would like to upgrade speakers. ProAc, KEF, B&W, Elac Carina, Dynaudio?  what would the improvement be?