Rega Tonearm White "RB303" Stamp

Hi there. I am hoping someone can answer this question for me. I am looking at purchasing a RP6. From what I understand, the RB303 tonearm comes with the RP6. But there is no stamped "RB303" on the horizontal support under the tonearm - which seems to signify that it is indeed a RB303 tonearm. Were there RP6 turntables and/or RB303 tonearms manufactured without the white stamped "RB303" on the horizontal support under the tonearm? Thank you!
Funny that I'm going to respond to myself. I've spent a while trying to find the answer to this, but I think I've found the answer. Please let me know if I'm not correct, but the "stamp" is actually a sticker. I thought it was engraved/stamped into the horizontal support bar. That being said, there are other differences to tell whether it is a RB303 tonearm. The RB303 has a smooth taper coming off the pivot point to the tonearm and the numbers for the VTF are not imprinted with white on the RB303. What I don't know though, is whether other Rega tonearms have the same characteristics as the RB303 I found above. If anyone knows the answer to that question, please let me know. Thank you.