Rega P3/24 Power Supply Connection Issues


I recently recieved my new Rega turntable and am very happy with the sound. My concern is with the external power supply. The connection to the turntable seems very precarious. It works well however it does not seem to push all the way in. I am afraid if I move the turntable the connection will come loose. It seems it should be able to connect better. Any help or simialr experiences?
Yes, it is a half-assed connection.
The connection works perfectly well, even though it may seem tenuous. Once your table is positioned the way you want it, connect the TT-PSU, and you'll be fine. Then stop worrying about it, and simply enjoy your LP's. Happy Listening !
It's the Brits and thier crummy plugs.
In the Beatles movie Help! the mad scientist rants on about how he could 'Rule the World' if he didn't have to put up with crummy British plugs....
Are you talking about the standard wall-wart power supply or the TTPSU upgraded outboard power supply?

If it's the TTPSU - the cable on it actually has a spring clip mechanism that FIRMLY connects it to the turntable.

Always take the platter off the table before you go about moving it - once the platter is off, lock the arm in place, lift the back of the table up and carefully align the male plug with the female connector on the table. Push it FIRMLY in place being sure to keep it aligned - push it straight in - you should hear a click as it locks in place.

To remove it, hold the table firmly will pulling the spring clip mechanism back and it should pop right off.