Rega P25 vs, Music Hall MMF-7 or 9

I'm looking for the most bang for the buck in a turntable/cartridge in the $1000-$1200 range. I listen to all kinds of music. I havea Rogue Tempest Magnum and have recently picked up a pre-owned Rogue Stealth Phono Pre-Amp. One thing that disturbs me is I keep hearing that the Regas all run fast.

Thanks for any advice.
First, I'd say listen to both lines. Note that not all Rega's run fast and the fix for the ones that do is minor.

Saying that, I chose the Rega Planar 25 because it's background is much blacker and it's pace smoother. (I hate describing things like that but it's the most accurate description).

On top of that, very minor tweaks (low cost and no cost) greatly improve the Rega's.
1) Definitely place three hard cone feet under the rubber feet suppied. You'll be amazed at the difference in clarity. (You will have to be extra careful using your Rega). I use the smaller Black Diamond Racing Cones ($20 used) but anything similar will do.
2) Set the dial weight to it's highest setting (usually 3) if you're using the P25's supplied arm. This defeats a counter spring that some say causes resonance. I just know it sounds a lot better.
Now, in order to compensate for the elimination of the dial weight, use a weight scale under the stylus to find the proper position for the movable counter-weight. I borrowed a Shure ($10 used).
3) Additionally, there are many after-market counter-weights out there.

p.s. I strobed my table and it is not fast. You should search the archives if you run into that but keep in mind all the solutions were quick and simple.
First I will say that I own a MMF 7 and I am pleased with its performance. I bought mine used through Agon. I have re-wired it with Cardas wire and upgraded the RCA jacks. Other than changing cartridges, that is the extent of the up-grades that I know of that can be done to it. I also know it will not be the last TT that I own.

I was also considering these two TT makers before I bought mine. The decision to buy the MMF-7 was made for me when one showed up in the listing that was within driving distance from where I live. That way I could hear the used table and not have to worry about shipping it. If a Rega had shown up first I would probably own one instead of the MMF 7.

I have not heard the MMF 9 but it has been reported here that there is not big difference in performance between that TT and the 7.

The Rega arm can be used on alot of other tables where I have not heard of anyone putting the Pro-ject arm on any other table. The Pro-ject arm is not that difficult to adjust, but the anti-skate mechanism doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. I also noticed that lift does not move the arm perpindicularly. The arm moves to the outside when raised and it tends to move forward when lowered. It does this with and without the anti-skate engaged. This could just be the particular arm I have and not indicative of all Pro-ject arms. Even so it is a minor thing that I can easily live with.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your purchase.
For $1200 you can get a almost new VPI Scout. You will be in a better place.
You should search the archives. Hint: the answer is not belt drive...