reference La Suprema II...Has anyone got these?

I've just read some reviews that, of course, claim these to be the best, but can anyone out there put this into perspective? I'm doing some research into my "ultimate system" with a budget of around $20-25K
I don't have these those nor have I heard them but they get rave reviews from UHF - a very good magazine in my opinion - and have been their reference speaker for a number of years. I have heard the reference 3a decappos and they are really very special for small speakers. They too have had great reviews. One speaker
I can suggest which I love is the piega (p10 or p8 ltd). I was doing the same search about a year ago and these are the speakers I ended up with. I am delighted and they are amazing. If you have any questions drop me a note.

Thanks for your response.