Reference DVDs

Any interest in reference DVD's. Leonard Norawitz, a audiophile/videophile, good friend of mine, brought over "Wallace and Gromit DVD to watch on my system. It's a British animation on three short stories with Wallance (sorry brit inventor) and Gromit (the clever dog and best friend) as the characters. The story lines are very english, full of characters, and contain very smart humor. The DVD is reference quality, period. Can be had on Maybe reference DVDs would be another chat topic worth keeping going? Gerrym5
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That is one of my favorite shows also. It's witty and just hilarious. Gromits mannerisms just crack me up. My brother got me hooked on them a few years ago. I have been trying to spread the word also. I don't know about reference quality though. The picture is good and the sound is too. It is only in stereo (good for me) and you can tell it was originally made for TV. No wide sceen either. Don't get me wrong it is definetly worth the clams. Go buy it or at least rent it if you can find it. You'll love it.