Reference 3A Dulcet-anyone own this?-sound?

Reference 3A dulcet seems like it could be a winner.Have no idea what the sound would be like.Has anyone here had a chance to listen to these speakers.

Myself i lean toward the somewhat lean and very detailed side of music.I have a 12wt single ended tube amp that is detailed enough with the right speakers.

If you have heard these just let me know what you think


I heard these at a local dealer. I was very impressed, esp. considering their size. Very detailed, wide soundstage, impressive dynamics for their size and great vocals. Still, they are not going to give as much LF information as the de Capos, which are quite exceptional in that regard for a mid-size bookshelf speaker. The dealer also had the Carolina Audio and Cain & Cain speakers, although I only listened to the Dulcets and Carolina Audio bookshelf speakers that day. Both are very nice, but in the setup he had that day I preferred the Dulcet. We listened w/ a 25 or 30 watt single ended Antique sound amp (one of their higher end amps, not the integrated amps) and it was plenty of power in a moderately large room. Still, they are not as efficient as the de capo, and the dealer said he preferred the Cain & Cains w/ lower powered (3-5 w) amps. So, I don't know if your amp would be enough power for these, though it should be sufficient for de Capos.

I am one of the lucky ones who own the Dulcets. I would say that the sound combines the bass of the Totem Ones and the mids and highs of the ProAc 1SE. Amazing bass for such a small enclosure. Build quality is first rate, the thing looks beautiful. It does need and want power. Can play loud without straining but also sounds sweet at low volume. Soundstage-wise, it completely disappears when set up properly. I like it enough to upgrade to the top of the line Royal Virtuosos which is also easier to drive. So I will be putting my Dulcet up for sale soon. Look for it on Audiogon in the next week or so.
Has anyone compare them to Red Rose Music R3? Thanks!
I had a pair home for a weekend audition. I have a small listening room, and was very impressed in that context. There was something uniquely immediate and direct about the sound; it was appealing in a way I can't explain in terms of mere detail, or warmth, or imaging, or soundstaging, or impressive bass for a small package etc. It had all that, but something else. Was it coherence, or seamlessness, or something else again?

I have sizable 3 ways now. In many respects they have more of just about everything, but perhaps not that special je ne sais quoi. I keep thinking fondly back to those Dulcets.
I purchased the Dulcets about 1 month ago and have used them with both an ASL 1001DT amp (approx 35 watts per channel in Triode mode) and my main amp, a VAC Avatar Super with 80 watts per channel.

The Dulcets really sound full bodied in my 14' x 16' room; they are setup approx. 3 ft from the back wall and 9 feet apart with the listening distance a little more than 9 feet away.

I do think you'll have problems adequately driving the Dulcets with 12 watts/ channel, although that would be a great match for the DaCapos, which I heard sound very good on a SE amp - the Fi2A3 amplifier. The Dulcets will play with your amp, but you'll be limiting the dynamic envelope, as they are only moderately efficient.

By the way, I'll second the positive comments on the Dulcets - they sound alive and exciting, yet disappear into the large soundstage they create. Perhaps the lack of a sophisticated (complex) crossover has real sonic benefits.