Record weights, mats & dust covers?

In preparation for the arrival of my Raven AC I was wondering if any of you (especially you Raven owners) use a dustcover?

Also, what (if any) record weight do you use??

Finally, (again for all but especially you raven owners) do you have a preference on a record mat? I am getting a record mat that can be used on both sides (just flip it over( and I plan to listen to it and decide) but would like your comments.

RWD (Rick)
HI Rick

Having owned my TW since only Sept, I have not had the opertunity to try many things. I have the Millenium Mat on mine, for now. I want to try the Harmonix mat. As for others out there, none really interest me.

The record weights I heard at Jeff's place (High Water Sound) were the legendary Shun Mook, and the Harmonix. Shun Mook for most is out of the question becuase of cost, but it is the best! The Harmonix is good and affordable in the context of the table you are gettting. It may add some warmth that some folk do not like, but I personally would that warmth over bright any day. But that is system dependant too.

Dust covers are a tough one as anything would have to be custom and large. I was considering one but now I have changed my mind. I just keep the platter covered, but I am thinking of getting one of those covers that go over the spindle and cover the tonearm as well.

If you have any questions Rick feel free to email me.

Hi Paul, yes I also heard the Shun Mook and you're right....very good but expensive. Do you use a weight at all now?

I love your you live in NY? We should compare notes. I am anxious to get this up and running!!!
No dustcover, just canned air or a photography bomb. The best mat so far in my experience is the Living Voice. Just slightly different from the platter. I wouldn't say it is better than the platter just more aestheticly pleasing. Maybe a touch less dynamic but more black background. Just a touch. I have no knowledge of record weights having much of a difference. The outer ring is what makes a true step above and beyond. You are then at the next level. A big jump.

Isolation of the turntable on a good wall mount shelf or geat rack is also critical. A Promethean Base can do wonders if you suffer from resonance. This can effectively isolate the turntable easily.

Stillpoints also improve definition and detail providing isolation in the horizontal plane.

Go slowly and listen as each jump is nice. Also, you hear more w. each change. You will then hear your cartridge & tonearm more accurately.
HI Rick

I just got my own Shun Mook Record clamp, from Shun Mook. It is more a weight and not a true clamp even though you do tighten it down on the spindle.

The TW is so simple to set up, a joy in fact. NO questions left in your mind if it is right or wrong. Put oil in the bearing after it has be fastened to the plinth, drop the platter on, level it up, and your done.

Jeff at HIgh Water Sound has been great, I went there to hear the Tron Syren and ended up with both. Everything he has offered or recommended has been a great improvement for me.

I did wish I lived closer to NY. I am near Detroit MI, in Canada near Windsor ON.


I've recently come full circle on the use of a weight.

I've used clamps in the past and was mostly happy with the results. The nice thing about a clamp is that you can control how much pressure is exerted on the vinyl and thus the amount of dampening you end up hearing. I would not recommend using either a weight or clamp with a soft mat.

When I purchased my Galibier I was very skeptical of the Anvil weight that Thom supplies. I tried it a few times but never really thought much about the sound. Since then I have corrected other deficiencies in my system and now am getting much more resolution than when I first setup the Gavia. In the last week or so I've tried many listening experiments with using the Anvil and I'm now much more impressed with what I'm hearing. The bass has more impact and even the resolution in the higher frequencies are much improved. There is a trade-off in the way of a slightly damped mid-range. Overall I'm very happy using the Anvil.

So, you're just going to have to experiment for yourself and find out what sounds best for you. You should probably find out from TW how much weight the bearing can safely support, but otherwise there can't be any harm in trying different things.