recommed interconnects for TT

Soon I will have a VPI scoutmaster. I'm currently using a standard amp with built in MM pre amp. I'll be using a high output MC cart, just haven't decided which one yet. Need recommendations on some interconnects that I won't need to mortgage the house for until I upgrade my whole system. What cables have most of you had good luck with? I only need about 1 meter in length.
Synergistic Looking Glass, NON-active is one to consider. Around $200 on agon, and designed for analog. My Scoutmaster likes it although I am using a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM cartridge.
The Zu Xaus is Zu Audio's tonearme cable. They have promos on Ebay for about $150. I bought one and really like it. Much more refined that the stock cable that came with my Graham Robin. I think for that price it is a steal.