recipe for seasoning power cords

A recent addition to my mix is a pair of PS Audio Plus p/cs.I have a pair of adaptors too so that I can hook the cords up daisy chained to my refrigerator outlet. What do you feel is the optimum time to break in the cords using this method? Thanks for reading!
It's a side by side refrigerator / freezer. Is that one door open, both doors open, or if one door,
does it make a difference whether it's the freezer or fridge door?

You're a funny guy......
Re: leaving the door open....

I think there is something in this idea. The in-rush of current as the compressor/pump starts is what's going to help break in the cord the fastest. So if you wait for the middle of summer and leave the door open, then turn the thermostat to the coldest position, the 'fridge is going to have to work hard to keep the temperature down. ;-)

So the system should be under a lot of load, cycling hard. That would hammer the power cord. Big motors that turn off and on a lot, like in washing machines, would be beneficial. I don't think you are interested in a steady state heavy draw of current (though that's helpful) - you want a lot of change over the break in time.

Sound more like a recipe for ruining the refrigerator. But some of the power cords people buy seem to cost more than the average refrigerator. I guess a refrigerator is a small price to pay for a nice well conditioned expensive power cord.