RCA phono interconnects for Low Output MC

I have a Well Tempered Referance TT with Krell KSP-7B preamp and Krell KSA 150 amp with Apogee Duetta Signatures. I am getting my Dynavector XX1L cartridge rebuilt,currenly using Grado Sonata. I get a little noise using the MIT 330 phono cables but they are the best so far. The grado I can set at 47K on preamp, with the Dyna I will have to set it near 200 ohm, so I'm thinking the noise may become a factor.
Are there any RCA-RCA phono cables that are dynamic, silent, and not overly bright. Most of my LP's are from my youth 1970-1985 (Rock, pop, and a very few jazz)
Krellboy, I have the KPS-25SC into the 650MC amps into Wilsons and just acquired the Harmonic Tech silver phono cable and can tell you I am very pleased with the sound. I bought a 2meter pair and the dealer gave it to me for $600 bucks which is $1200 cheaper than the Transparent Reference would have cost me to be consistent with my other Transparent cabling. If you only need 1 meter, you could probably find it for $400. Try to demo it.
check out the groove tube by tom evans, at least i think he designed them. You can click on the cables section at


I am soon to be in the same boat, i have an XX-2 comming, and i understand the mc's at that low of an output can be hassled by noise.

I will be curious how you fair.

Give the Hovland Music Groove 2 cables a try. They aren't very impressive looking, but the sound is amazing. The only downfall may be that they can not be used for higher voltages. So they can not be used for your CD player or tuner later. But that same design made the low level output's sound truly worth the search and waiting for them to I had to endure after ordering them. They clearly bested my SynRes Designers References with Active shielding in that application. The only ones to do so. Best Regards, Aaron
Thanks so far, I,m notsure if the MIT 330 phono cables wont work for me. It will probably be 3 wks before I recieve my cartridge. I have read that phono cables are the most important int. you can own. The MIT's are there basic model, so that is why I believe a cable that is suited to a low output MC may be worthy of a purchase. I read somewhere that the Coincident int. are supposed to work great, but I'm not sure if that is in MM load or low MC load.
I'll keep you informed(although it may be awhile)
I would second the Hovland.
I have been extremely happy with the Graham IC-30, now discontinued $500 phono cable that sells used for around $250.
would throw in the coincident cst-1 rca interconnects as well. these would suit your requirements very well. $299 or slightly better for 1.0m.