RCA cables? Which?

I have HDMI going drom the DVD player to the TV and RCA cables going from the TV to the integrated amp. Am I doing it right? and if so, which are the best RCA's to go from the TV to the Stereo?

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Doing it right for what? Are you saying your going HDMI for video then going out fir tv to intamp for audio? If so the answer is no. Just go directly from DVD to the amp for movies. If you go Sat or digital cable use HDMI for video or even Component video then go audio to amp aswell but it wont have digital audio as you integrated doesnt except toslink or coax digital just analog RCA correct? Most monitors wont pass audio from tv to a stereo in all audio situations so just bypass it and go direct to amp.
That's interesting. My kids set up my Blue Ray player/TV like the OP: BRP to TV, TV audio out to preamp. It never occurred to me to direct couple an audio out from the BRP to the pre. Can this be done? Is the BRP output voltage ok for the pre?? I wonder if there are separate outputs on the BRP that separate audio and video??
Yes on all counts, keep signal as direct as possible for best sound.