rb300 interconnect

hi all

wanted to ask everyone before i start yanking on the end of the cable...

does the interconnect cable on the rb300 terminate in a standard DIN plug? can it just be pulled out of the base of the tonearm?

if not, how does one go about switching the cable?

Desoldering it after you undo the tiny hex screw at the side.Be careful you don't pull it too hard and have something to replace it with.
To answer your question, there is no DIN connector (actually what you are asking about is a JIS, Japanese Standard connector, but it is commonly called a DIN connector in tonearms), wire is hard wired from the cartridge leads right out to the RCA plugs. Screwing around with it if you do not know what you are doing is problematic. There are many companies that will rewire the arm for you, Expressimo Audio, Origin Live, etc. They even make kits that you can use to do the rewireing yourself. But proceed with caution; it is not a job for the inexperienced.