Ray Brown Soular Energy XRCD?

Does anyone know if Soular Energy is available as an xrcd...this website www.revolutioninternational.com/
has it listed but no picture and the title is mis-spelled Souler Energy...i cant find it listed anywhere else. the serial number they give for this album is VICJ-60813 released 25/07/2001 is it a real xrcd or a japanese import mabey??

anyone provide any help...this is a favorite album of mine.
cd universe has it listed...

Try to google "ray brown" "Soular Energy" and you'll get lots of choices. Or try amazon.
CD Universe has the sacd and the standard redbook listed, no XRCD, I already own the standard redbook cd, and dont have an sacd, so im looking for the xrcd as an alternative.

google search brings up the redbook cd, sacd, and dvd/a, no xrcd except for the one website i referenced above but it seems kinda sketchy
jvc america's number is 771-420-3208 maybe they can sell direct or help...