Radiohead: In Rainbows -- Vinyl or CD?

Now that both formats are for sale, I am wondering which to buy. Anyone listened to the vinyl yet and compared it to the CD (not the compressed downloads that have been available)? Thanks for any insights.
Does CD ever sound better than vinyl?
the vinyl is from the same master...choose your poison
If you want it to last forever and don't want any extraneous noises, get the CD. :)

I bought the vinyl on the internet and the CDs came with it. I don't know if that was just the internet offering or not. My table is down now so i haven't been able to compare
I also bought the discbox which comes with both the vinyl and CD versions.

The vinyl that comes in the discbox is EXCELLENT! It comes on 2 45rpm discs that really break the mold of new pop/rock albums sounding like crap.

I believe the retail version will be on a single 33rpm disc, and haven't heard yet if this version sounds as good as the discbox copy.

Fantastic album either way! :)
Hello Jeffery,

I haven't compared it too vinyl but I can tell you Nigel recorded this album WAY too loud. I use to enjoy the quality of Radiohead albums as much as the music itself. I'm afraid this time around I simply have to enjoy the my car ...with which this album was intended to be listened in.
Agree with Lush. The CD version has too much compression and thus loud. Way too loud. Am awaiting my Vinyl copy.
I just got my 'In the Rainows' Vinyl today and the Vinyl is Okay. In fact compared to CD, Vinyl is like 4.5 stars for sound quality-Not loud at all. Great album BTW-4.5 stars.
Slight correction. The CD version is not all that bad. Only track 2 comes across as loud and compressed.

I did not realize that I had hooked up my whole system again after more than month disconnected and stored in Garage while remodeling my house. Just about now it sounds 're-broken' in... and then interior furniture and damping and stuff is not back on completely.