Questions/Recommendations for Extra Long Cable Run

Without investing in significant interior redesign, my new listening room will require me to use a very long (appx. 35') run of bi-wire speaker cable for one of my Avantgarde Duo's (the other will be a more normal length, probably 8'-10'). Will sound quality suffer noticeably when using such a long cable run? If yes, then i'm on to plan b. If no, is there general guidance you can give as to what i should be looking for, or better yet specific cables that i should consider? Or should i just find something else to worry about and pick the cable that I would have otherwise chosen for a normal length?

need one standard length (appx. 10') and one very long run (appx. 35') pair of bi-wire cables. This will be used with a pair of Avantgarde Duo's and a BAT VK-75 amp. Do you have a suggestion on what I should consider? Am I crazy for even thinking that sound quality will be ok with that long a cable? I have used T-14s and Nordost Solar Winds with this setup, and both are acceptable.
Greeetings, you'd be far better off asking that question to the maker of whichever cable you choose.

My personal choice, especially for such a long run, at a reasonable price, would be DH Labs BL1. They can be reached a

Happy listening
Transparent Audio can make cables in different lengths that will sound the same. But they arnt cheap and if you redo your set up you might not want diffrent lenghts. I love their products.
When I redid my system a couple of yours ago I had the same issue. I run a BAT 75se and a pair of JM Lab Mezzo`s with a pair of 30ft do to small living arangment`s. I purchased a 30ft pair of Audioquest Mammoth on closeout prices. Audioquest continues to update their product line on a regular basis. I think I purchased a no frills deal at like 40% of list from audio advisor. Could you imagine what a 35ft pair of Nordost, Purist Audio,Transparent would cost??? Do a goggle search on audioquest closeout. Zu is another small company with reasonable price`s. Keep in mind I would not have Audioquest in my system if I only had a 8ft run but that not my case 30ft is what it is. I run acoustic zen silv ref II on all my interconects. Good luck in your quest David.