Question on Gallo Reference 3.5

I am currently using a Bryston 4B sst amp to power my Gallo Reference 3.5 speakers (along with Gallo's Reference SA sub amp). It sounds good, but I'm wondering if a little more power beyond the 4B's 300 wpc into 8 ohms wouldn't sound even better, so I was considering a pair of Bryston 7B SST or SST2's. The Gallo specs say "Power Handling 350 watts RMS". has anyone put a larger amp like the 7B, at 600 wpc, into the Gallos? Will that work?
Its an interesting question. Your 4 is a very powerful amp and should drive your speakers easily (even without the sub amp). Going with a larger Bryston may give you a little better sound but I'm not so shure it will be worth the cost. It may make more sense to look at a different kind of amp all together. Personally, I think Bryston makes a very good sounding amp. Given that, I think companies like Ayre, Pass, BAT and a few others, all make solid state amps that I feel sound better. Keep in mind, though, thats just my opinion. You have to like it. I just think your current amp doesn't need to be upgraded to a more powerful Bryston.

What preamp are you using? That makes just as big a difference as the amp. I feel its even more important, but others will disagree.
You have more than enough power now, more is not going to help. I suspect that what you are beng limited by is the Bryston. Those are phenomenally well made amplifiers, and with an amazing warranty, but they are a bit sterile, in my experience.

Listen to ZD, something like a BAT VK75SE, or Pass 60.5's would offer a lot more for your solution.
The 'SST' 'SST²' will sound better than your 4B.
The 7s will have more power, and work well. The 'power handling' means what the company would suggest as the power needed to really play loud.
The only danger with having a lot more power avaialble would be in accidental situations. Say a party and a drunken partygoer cranks the volume to max.. that could blow up your speakers.
With only 350 available, no damage. With 600 avaialble damage.

But i repeat, in normal use,, no problem using amps wit hwell over the recomended power. A LOT of folks use amps which are bigger than the speakers need.

I use a Bryston 4B-SST² amp. and am happy with it.
My future plans include going to Magnepan 20.7 speakers, and all i am going to use is my 4B-SST²amp. It has all the power I need.
ZD542, thanks for the input. I'm using the matching Bryston BP-26 Preamp and power supply. Elizabeth, I'm actually currently using a 4BSST, and you answered my question, so that's much appreciated. And thanks, Nightfall. The Bryston system is my first high end system (I had NAD stuff before the Bryston), and I'm thinking I'd like to build an entirely separate system that will incorporate at least a tube preamp, if not amp, just for a different sound, or may upgrade from the Bryston stuff in my current system.
Was using a Gryphon integrated amp which was ok but these speakers are sounding waaay better with a CJ tube preamp and a ATC power amp