Pwr cable v Tubes

I have a Anthem pwr1 and wondered what would make the most difference sonically. I have heard diffences in pwr cables, but with a tube amp should it be the tubes that bake the cake. Let's talk!
Hey, so43--I would say that much depends on how resolving the rest of your 'parts' are. I have a cat3 with the king cobra.It makes a difference to just about dye for.(Hardly anything is worth dieing for.)Got aerial 10ts,so they give you a good upstream read.2grand on a power cord wouldn't make much sense,unless the rest of the 'parts' are up to it.
Since tubes are an active component and a power cord is strictly passive, the tubes would be far more likely to produce a more noticeable difference under ANY conditions. While a power cord MIGHT change the sound, tubes surely would. Whether or not either would be beneficial is a matter of personal tastes and system synergy. Sean
While both can make a difference, I think for this particular component you will get far more impact per dollar with tube changes. After a tube change, try upgrading the stock cord with an inexpensive 14/3 generic IEC. If that helps, then down the line you may want to play the PC game more directly. Also, unless you're going with top shelf high current power conditioning, you may wish to plug this amp straight into the wall. Lastly, before spending several hundred (or thousand) dollars on power cords, first spend less than that on getting a dedicated circuit installed. You'll be glad you did.
Hey I thank you all for the input. I have some pretty good cords, but am in the process of upgrading the tubes. A lot of choices out there.