Pwr cable suggestions

Hello all, I'm looking for a pwr cable to go with my Aronov LS 9000 pre. I was using a VD basic but it's a bit heavy. I changed to a Stealth cord but I would like some other suggestions from Aronov and non Aronov users. Funds are somewhat limited so be gentle. Thanks in advance.
Audience PowerChord.
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One of his amps is an Aronov, he has tried many power cords.
I have the Aronov LS-960I, and have been quite impressed by the Mapleshade double helix mk II Plus version power cord. My unit has your exact linestage built into an integrated amp. You are in a small Aronov club. The Aronov amplifiers are also quite fine, and come up on Audiogon at reasonable prices. You will notice this power cord allows tremendous speed for transients, and impressive dynamics, together with bass to die for. Delicate music is just as satisfying.
My thanks to all that have responded. Listener I figured the Aronov circle is small. Great pre in my humble op. I think I saw a ad for a Mapleshade cord somewhere on A-gon. I'll also check the dealer AudioLon. Good listening to all.
South43, just be aware that Corona is a power cord manufacturer and Audiolon is his dealer. That doesn't disqualify the cable from consideration, but Corona has failed to mention his commercial perspective in his 'recommendation'.
I made the recommendation because AudioLon is the the only dealer I know that has an intimate knowledge of Aronov; he is not our only dealer. Unlike many dealers he refused to sell a product simply based on sales and profit margin.
Corona, it does not matter that there are other, and perhaps perfectly legitimate, reasons for recommending a situation. Honesty about the dealer/manufacturer relationship is still required for these forums when the situation involves sales.

Audiophiles here and at AA are looking for recommendations from experienced users without commercial motives, and there are really only a few places on the web where this is possible. It needs to be preserved as a resource, without having threads 'spammed' by sellers. As it is, most people are reluctant to give strong negatives because everyone is aware of both the opinion factor and the fragility of reputations.

As a seller, you (and others) can increase your perceived honesty quite a bit just by being upfront about your relationships. After all, there is no faster way to kill a sale than for a trusting individual to check out your recommendation and then discover after the fact who the players were.
I went to the AudioLon site but didn't see any Aronov products. I did base my search on what Corona recommened and I thank you Flex for the info. I agree that being up front is what it's all about. However I will Corona check your cords on the AudioLon site.
Your point has merit; I watchful in future. , best bang for the buck going. Regards, Robin
Thanks Robin, I will check this site as well.