PSB Speaker Components For Sale

I'm just gauging interest with this post ...

I have a pair of circa 2000ish PSB Stratus Bronze speakers. The vinyl on the cabinets has suddenly started to peel away, but the real problem is that our cats have seen fit to shred the lower of the two woofers on each speaker.

So I am thinking of dissassembling the speakers and putting the remaining undamaged compenents (two woofers, two tweeters, crossovers, binding posts, wiring) up for sale for some enterprising DIY enthusiast.

Do you think anyone would be interested?
Numbers first plz:-)
Numbers? I have no idea. I haven't even taken the things apart yet.

I don't know ... somewhere between $50-100 plus shipping?
Hah I'd rather made a donation and get some tax credit.
Thanks for the response, pleasant person.
As PSB used widely recognized production drivers, the parts might fetch some interest with a speaker hobbyist.

In my experience, your best bet to sell the parts is ebay.

You might get $50 - $100, but you might not. Of course, you can always put a reserve on the auction to ensure you don't sell for less than what you feel willing to accept.
Thanks, Trelja. I will try eBay first. If I get no bites, maybe I'll save them and make some cabinets of my own someday.
Jonheal, in all honesty, if you have any need for loudspeakers, your suggestion will provide you with the best return on investment.

The only thing I would think about is to evaluate the crossover, and consider simplification of the network. That's especially true if you have interest in tube amplification.

Around the same time that you bought your pair, while I quit my job and returned to school, I used to work at a place that carried PSB speakers. We only kept the Gold i on the floor, however. They were a bear to drive, and most every amplifier one could throw at them would not prove their true worth. I blame the crossover for that, as again, the drivers have been used in very easy to drive loudspeakers by other companies.
...Is it worth to remove crossover and replace by active?
Trelja!! I got a pair of Goldi for 12 years and very happy with it . But i think it's time to bring it up to date . i read your other posts about Goldi 's tweeter upgrade and replaced the metal dome tweeter with softdome tweeter with great result. Thx you very much for that tip.
Now i decided to upgrade the crossover but cant find any info about Goldi schemantic anywhere on the internet. Could you help me with the lastest schematic developtment for the Goldi? Or tell me where i can find it?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thx !
Thank you for the kind words, Hoang35. I'll try to search for the schematic on the web. If I find it, we should be able to make an assessment.
That would be great Trelja!!
Btw, i looked into my goldi's xover and found these part:
10uf + 1,5uf electrolytic caps (IMHO it's for midrange)
2 x 4uf + 1uf + 0.47uf film caps (crap stuffs btw) for tweeter
4 x 100uf/100vdc electrolytic caps for the big bad woofer
And for the resistors : 3 x 1R3 20w + 2 x 1R8 10w + 1R5 10w ( all craps btw)
And the last piece of puzzle is 3 inductors, i have no idea about their specs but to me they used very cheap stuffs ,18 or 20 gauge magnet wire, should be 12 gauge aircore , rite?
So i'm facing 2 problems here: i cant find any store selling Mills resistor with the same value at 1R3 20w and spec for the inductors.
Any idea guys? Any help would be very appreciated.
I ended up selling the parts for 30 bucks (plus $10 shipping) on eBay. Now THAT my friends, is depreciation! :-)