PSB Platinum M2 vs PSB Image T6 help


I'm thinkin' to substite PSB Platinum M2 bookshelf for PSB Image T6, because T6 has lot more bass than M2.

My system is PSB Platinum with Simaudio Moon 330A power amp and Cambridge Audio Dacmagic+ dac/preamp kombo with Mac Mini.
Mainly listen to rock music: Dylan, Ramones, Clash, Violent Femmes, Pixies, Nirvana and lot of jazz music too.

Will I downgrade my system if I change M2 for T6 especially in resolution and imaging?

Thanks for reading and helping.

Regards from Zagreb, Croatia, Europe.

Jurica K.
While the Image T6 is nice, the Platinum M2 will give you better sound, but you'll need a sub to get the low frequencies.