Ps Audio Statement PC vs Perfect wave AC 10/12 PC

Has anyone who owned the old Statement power cord purchased the newer AC 10 or 12? What's the difference in sound. Thanks.
I have had the Statement, an AC 10 and the former top one; the one that is part silver. It cost more than the AC 10 does now but my mind is a blank on its name. They are all good and the differences are not easy to describe and probably system dependent. The AC 10 is a little more upfront than the silver one; possibly more transparent but may not be as "musical" to some. Both are very good; the Statement is a little behind the other 2 IMHO but not that much and is still a very well balanced cable which could be preferred over either. Not as transparent as the AC 10 or as musical as the silver but does everything well. Probably not much help but these were and are some of my favorite PCs. I switched to Transparent as I got a good deal on 8 of them including a 20 amp one for my amp; PS dosent make a 20 amp cord. They are different but not necessarily better; I just went over to the view that having all the PCs identical is an advantage.