PS Audio HCA2/PCA2 vs. Krell FPB 200 C/KRC combo?


Any thoughts on the merits of replacing the Krell combo with the PS Audio combo, driving Dynaudio Contour S3.4's.

Just heard the PS Audio combo driving some NHTs and they gave a pretty musical sound although the imaging is not as tight as the Krell and the bass not as controlled, nor soundstage as fully fleshed out.

Am getting old and would trade resolution and hi fi'ishness for musicality. Also, would do without all that Class A heat and the maintenance problems that may cause with years to come.



Any comments appreciated.
I recently upgraded from a fpb 300 to the 400cx and was very pleased with the results. You might want to consider the upgrade. nad live with the heat. as well as a more refined sound.
That would be a great upgrade if you consider going from live music to AM radio an upgrade.
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Levinson 27.5 amplifiers sound very, very good and run only moderately warm. I never had any heat problems with my 27.5 running it to a pair of Thiel CS 2.2 speakers. The amp never broke a sweat. Very, very powerful for its rated 100 watts.
Thank heavens for AM radio, I was afraid I was missing real HIFI all this time.

Jimmy, I narrowed it down to a handful of SS amps, Levinson included, but Krell just had the oooomph and sweetness (yes!) I wanted (for that great AM quality sound that is). And the tough-to-drive Thiels needed it. Can't think of a speaker that probably won't drive well with a Krell amp. But don't expect HiFi did some put it?...earbleed oh my god treble out of control you-must-be-a-treble-on-steiroids-kind-of-guy.

Wouldn't trade my set up for anything.