Hello Folks,

I run to this forum to seek some help if you guys know of broken PS Audio DAC and has been repaired.

Mine broke and I am looking for a repair shop. Is it worth repairing or better replace with another one. There maybe lots here on a'gon.

But before I do that I want to hear your input.

Thanks and regards...
Have you tried contacting PS Audio? They service all of their current products and are reasonably priced. Further, the unit could still be under warranty. PS Audio offers a three year warranty if you register the product. They're easy to work with so I would give them a try!
Call PSA technical support(720) 406-8946, they are all great there. The DLIII is worth about $500 on the used market in good working order, so don't mess around and have PSA look at it. I love my DLIII decoding my iPhone files, it sounds great @ 196kHz with the Wadia 170i.
Get a hold of Cullen Circuits. They do the PS upgrades.
Thank you all for your input. I emailed PSA with good result.
It may take a little while before I can use again my DAC.