ps audio 4.6 ,5.5 vs adcom preamp. gfp 555 phono

Any comments on phono section ?
Also check out the B&K Pro 10MC phono section, this is a better overall preamp than the adcom. I've never heard the PS Audio though.
Owned the 4.6 a good while back. Can't say I upgraded since it, along with a bunch of other equipment, was stolen by burglars. Can't say what more modern phono sections sound like. I don't listen to very much vinyl, so I now have a simple little Sumiko Pro Ject phono box that gets the job done. From memory, I believe that the 4.6 in passive mode was great. If PS Audio has one component in the "classic" category, I would give the prize to the 4.6. True believers will tell you that you can't stop progress and that every six months a new product trounces the former favourite. I can't provide an opinion on that, since I don't run that race. If it's in nice shape, I would go with the 4.6. Oh, my 4.6 was replaced with an Adcom, 465 is the model if I remember correctly. Looked brand new when I sold it about two years ago; that was a great buy for the person I sold it to. That has a great phono section also, implemented at an incredibly low cost with ICs instead of the discrete components found in the PS. Either way, if you find a pristine example at a good price, you can't lose.