PS 300 - latest upgrade

Has anyone installed and tested PS Audio's latest upgrade for the PowerPlants? I would like to know if it's worth going with it or better wait for the next(?) upgrade like I use to do with computer software regarding their ongoing half-annual updates....It's much cheaper and yet you're better off in the end if you skip one or other?
At a meeting of the Connecticut Audio Society there was a demo of the latest upgrade. In comparison to the preceding unit there was an obvious performance improvement, agreed upon by many listeners in different positions in a large room. When a system is already excellent and costly it is a personal decision whether to make upgrades as often as the company can invent them. Audio companies seem to leave more time between upgrades than a computer software company, perhaps because the number of purchasers is much smaller, and the joy of a hobbyist having the latest and greatest is diluted if only a trivial incremental change is offered. This PS Audio upgrade is not trivial, and is readily heard as an increase in clarity even in a brief demo.
I had the original without multiwave and the difference was pretty huge after I upgraded! Go for it!
I have a P-600 and installed the upgrade and it's worth the bucks! Happy Listening!