Proper order of power cables and conditioner?

Here's something I've wondered about for a while:

Is it better to use one good power cable (e.g., Nordost Brahma) between the wall socket and conditioner (e.g. PS Audio Quintet)and then use the standard power cables that come with components (e.g.,amp, CD player, etc.) between the conditioner and the components


Should we use good power cables between the conditioner and the amp, etc., (i.e., one for each component) and just use a standard power cable between the socket and conditioner?

The first option is what I see most people use while the second option, while more expensive, seems to me better provide the benefits of both the conditioner and the good cables. Your thoughts or experiences?
All of the power cables you mention are worth upgrading. The best bang for the buck is at the conditioner cable, because that feeds several pieces of the system at once.

As for the relative merits of A) spending a big whack on the power conditioner cable and using the stock cords on the audio gear, or B) putting upgraded AC cords on the gear and using stock on the conditioner, the answer is easy: none of the above. You have created an artificial dilemma. Just get rid of all the stock cords.

If, after that, you want to try a super duper cord on the conditioner, do it (and please make a note of what happens). Next, swap that cord with the digital source's cord and see which way you prefer things. Then please share your impressions!
a conditioner is a real step in the right direction. Depending upon which you get. Like all else, everything makes a difference.

right off? upscale PC's all around. For sure. Not necessarily the same however, but maybe... each item will or can be skewed sonically by PC's. Suond stage, bass, extension, and tonally. Even dynamics can and do change. Sometimes.

With a good cond, like the PS you mentioned, the power cord supplying the cond will effect all items connected to it.

I have several PS pasive filters... the supply cord is the thing that influences everything after it... and quite iportant. More than any other PC? No. just as important.

Get in touch with the cable co. and try some. It's a marginal cost to experience many in a short time frame without buying and reselling each one. the rental money goes on account and can be applied to whatefver down the road... you lose the shipping money.

PCs play a big part in a system... and a super place to start adding wires.

My vote is for the 'or'. PCs are integral. Everywhere. How much you spend is up to you... your ears, and other factors.

you'll get better right off... then for a while as you move up the food cahin... then it just gets 'different' mostly as better gets harder and harder to find.
I agree with Blindjim, power cords made the biggest difference in my system. Choose a large 6 to 8 AWG for the conditioner first and experiment with changing the stock cords on each component later. The PS Audio Statment SC will work great on that conditioner. You can pick up one used here on Audiogon. Also, upgrade the outlet, maybe a PS Audio Power Port. For power cords to your components I suggest looking at DCCA Audio. Have fun!
Experimentation will prove to you the money should be spend on the cables after your conditioner. Do yourself a very BIG favor and 'try' an MIT networked cable for your digital, used for ~$220 ; the extra isolation benefits everything else as well.