pro-ac,and atma-sphere combo?

I currently own Atma-Sphere Mp3, Ma-1 and pro-ac 3.5,s. I am wondering if anyone has heard the new Pro-ac D-38,s? I'm considering an up grade, but the new D-38,s are rated at 4ohms as opposed to my 3.5,s 8ohms. I can't seem to break away from the Pro-ac sound, but wonder about the 4ohm impedence.
Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.
thanks, Mike
If you live in the USA call Richard Gerberg of Modern Audio Consultants, the US distributor of ProAc speakers at (410) 486-5975 or e-mail ProAc at

He will give you all the info you need regarding amplifier requirements for the 3.5 and D38. I've owned both ProAc 3.5 and 3.8s. In a recent conversation with Richard it was my understanding that the D38 is easier to drive than the 3.8s. He also told me that the D38 is supposed to be more dynamic with better bass than the 3.8. Incidently in owning a pair of 3.8s for 5 years I found them to be more dynamic with much better bass than the 3.5--a better sounding speaker all around in my opinion.
ThanksRLF; I also have an oppotunity to trade for a pair of 3.8,s as a friend of mine is going for the D38,s He will trade mine in instead. He drives his with a Vac 70-70. I with atma-sphere OTL,s When the dealer brings them to his house we may be able to compare all three. My biggest fear is taking a step backwords.
Thanks, Mike
Hello. I used to run a pair of Response 3's with Atma-shere 2.2's and they made nothing short of magic together! Still miss the proac "experience" to this very day.