Preamps with balanced ins/outs and remote

I know there are some really good preamps without remotes like the Coincident line stage. I also know there are really good preamps with just single ended in and outs like the Herron and the Dude. However, are there really good preamps with balanced ins and outs with a remote? I have Merrill Audio Veritas amps that require balanced ins and a balanced system overall. I need a remote because I make a lot of my CD,s and the volumes of the various songs do not always match. Thanks in advance.
If you're not absolutely set upon spending a lot of money, the Emotiva XSP-1 preamp is fully differentially balanced and comes with a nice remote control. It has received rave reviews from all who have tested/listened to it. And it comes with a 5-year warranty to boot!

You can view the unit and it's specs. here:

Owned a Balanced Audio Technology VK51se Preamp. All Balanced inputs AND outputs. No built in Phono stage however. Excellent sounding Preamp IMHO. All tube. One single chassis. You could probably snap one up here on A-gon for around 3 grand. And they are remote controlled as well. Very smooth sounding, unbelievable midrange texture and colors, solid bass performance. Audio Research is also a brand to seriously consider.
If you are interested in trying the Veritas' with a SS pre, I can recommend the Wyred 4 Sound STP-PRE.

It has (2) xlr-outs, and (2) SE-outs....(2) xlr-in, and (3?) SE-ins

Works very well with Berkeley Audio Alpha Dac II > W4S SX-500 monos> Magnepan 1.7

...very transparent, low-noise, with a beautiful soundstage,
and a mid-range that is the best I have had with the Maggie 1.7...just overall good synergy with front>pre and amps

I have not tried a balanced tube-pre with this set-up, but will demo one someday, to see if I can get the same transparent, balanced, quiet background of the STP-Pre, with some of the vocal and mid-range magic of my tubed head-phone amp (Decware CS2+, with Senn650 and Beyer t-90 headphones....

Tried the Berkeley Dac 2 direct into the amps....Liked the W4S pre loss(or no perceived loss) of resolution, and better soundstage and mid-range

I have limited experience with other combos, but thought this might be another option, and a good match for the Veritas'

good reviews on the STP-Pre also
Cary SLP-05 is balanced and has a remote that does volume and mute only. It a two box system, but you can stack them.
You can order a Dude with a remote for volume and pseudo XLR in and outs.

Paul also makes a fully balanced Dude that I THINK for additional $1K.