Preamps for Clayton M 100's

I am putting together a system with Clayton M 100's, Arcam CD 92 player and Tyler Taylo Reference monitors, but do not have a preamp yet. I need help in putting together a list of preamps to research and audition and would appreciate any suggestions based upon experience with any of these components.
I have got Arcam alpha 6 CD Player and have Clayton M100 monoblocks. I was using SS pre from Musical Fidelity and Audioquest Midnight cables, sound was little dark and something was lacking. I have bought Supratek Chenin after reading thread Deal of the century and added Silversmith speaker cable. And I do not recognize my setup anymore it is just great not dark anymore, detailed, rich sounding, just musical. It is so good that I liked better then it only 50% of setups on CES I have just attended (some setup 4 times more expensive them mine did not impressed me at all). Mind that I'm still using old CD Player from Arcam. I have SONY SACD 9000ES too but it does not sound good at all.