Preamp to match to McIntosh MC250

OK, I bought and upgraded a McIntosh MC250 power amp. I like the sound but am guessing that I am not getting the best out of it as I dont have a great preamp. I am using a 30+ year old SAE preamp/EQ which is decent and better than the HK3490 I was using but still probably lacking. I am curious as to if others have or previously had this amp and can recommend a good preamp. I am leaning to tube but not wedded to it. Used pricing $1500 or less would be ideal. Using with Ohm Walsh 100s3 for jazz, acoustic, Hawaiian, vocals, solo classical some 70-80s rock.
Thanks for suggestions.
The Manley Shrimp is a great preamplifier for the price. If you can stretch your budget, I can also recommend the Aesthetix Calypso. Neither has a phono stage, however.
Mcintosh likes Mcintosh in that price range i would go with a C32, or maybe C30, but for sure the C32 the best thing about matching mc is the sound the second best thing youll always get your money back out of it as long as you take care of it, Mike
I have a MC250 to as a back up ,where did you upgrade yours ?
Terry DeWick did it and did a great job for a good price. Very honest guy well known on this board for being THE Mcintosh guru and a straight shooter. Super straight shooter and very practical and fair, i.e. he wont fix that which doesnt need fixing so youre not blowing $$. He lives in Franklin TN.
Thought I would update this. Presently using a Luminous Audio passive pre with the MC250 after messing with a variety of things. Absolutely I took off a filter from the system. FOr $50 used off Ebay it is one of the best things I have done. Very clean, bass increased, detail increased, slightly warm sounding as I expected but wasnt really hearing. A bit of a pain in the ass to turn the power amp on and off with a strip but it works. Strangely I get intermitten transients when I turn on the amp...not consistent. Love to fix that but otherwise I like it.
I drive mine with a McIntosh C34V in my second system - great preamp with lots of flexibility and, as Mdegeorgis said, keep it in good shape and you'll always get your money back if you change your mind.