Pre/Pro Advice for ATC Active HT

Long time Lurker, first time poster - that I can recall!

Gear: ATC C5CA, 2 x ATC 20ASL, 2 x ATC 10-2a, Denon 3803, some blu-ray player or another, Panasonic ae700, home made screen, PSB subsonic 3i. Dedicated room (light controlled) 11'w x 23' deep x 8' high.

I went with the ATC's because I wanted to get as close to live music as I could. I love live recordings. Listen to Jazz/Blues/Vocals/Classical - basically anything that demonstrates the artist's passion.

While I would like the best of both worlds, I would state my preference as awesome 2 channel with great HT capability.

My next upgrade is processor. I've checked out AVS forums regarding the Cary cinema 11a - great reviews for both 2 channel and HT; however, there are issues that have apparently been solved by the upgrade.

After the processore, acoustic room treatment, next would be OPPO 95, then Projector (Panny 4000? don't need/want 3d), followed by screen (stewart 130?)

Does anyone have experience with the Cary 11a feeding ATC actives? Heaven on earth?

Based on buying "previously loved", within that price range are there any other viable alternatives that I should be considering?

Currently only running projector through this system, but will eventually set up cable TV with gaming a long shot except on rare occasions; therefore, I do not believe that the "only 2 hdmi" slots will be an issue.

Appreciate your expertise

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Live recordings are almost always captured with and recorded already amplified sound. I've some in studio recordings that I have compared to various recordings of the same music captured 'live'. Never is the 'live' better then the studio version.