pre jef rowland or bat 50 SE

Y HAVE A ROWLAND 12,WHAT PRE IS THE BEST IN THE RANGE 4 TO 5k .y will by a cary 306/200 OR EMC1 mkll what do you think.
Do you want tubes or don't you? they are both highly regarded preamps and I think it boil down to synergy between what other components are in your system.
Tireguy has good advice on this one. Like ford or chevy...both good, it's a matter of preference.
the Rowland Model 10, and thought it was one incredible setup - possibly the best I've heard, but it's a synergy (no Rowland pun intended).

The BAT is not exactly your standard tubey sound - a bit more analytical.

Can you audition each???

Good luck, and good listening.

You meant trucks not cars,I hope.The question does not make much sense.The results will be different,one has to try both and the number of others.