Pre- and Amp for Triangle speakers????

I just bought a pair of used Triagle Zays 222. Does anyone have any recomendations for a pre-amp and/or amp to put these with?



Dynaco st70/Audible Ilusions Modulus 3, CJ MV55/CJ/pv10 or CAV50 integrated, Cary CAD 50mkII (triode switchable 20W) monos/Cary SLP50 or better (newer make) My suggestions, if on budget. Other that that, if you can spend more go with 300B SET amps.
Great can use hi-quality, low watt tubes or ss...I tend to like "classic" tube amps...such as Conrad Johnson...or Jolida for cost effective options...for ss...musical fidelity or creek...good luckl..
unison research equipment matches quite nicely with the Triangles...

I own the older and bigger Extan DIY version and a Friend has the Zays(previously owned the Antal's). We have auditioned/owned some amps... Deffinitelly go with tubes, Triangle's love them and you'll too.

We had Jolida 801 (not impressed-subjectively the "worst" sounding tube amp we had in our systems,not very refined, but big, punchy, good for rock - possibly some model with EL34 tubes would be a better match), Copland CTA 401 (Very refined, good allrounder, our favourite untill the S6 came in) and finaly the best we use Is the Unison Research S6 - a wonderfull combination. If you are not interested in tube amps - better don't audition them because you WILL be hooked after!

From solid state amps we put high hopes in the YBA Integre DT and ended dissapointed - to put it mildly (I believe It's highly overrated,I'd even rather go with the Jolida 801). The one ss amp that drives them with comparable results with tube amps(they're still the first choice) is Densen DM-10, awesome detail, big soundstage, plenty of grunt, deep bass, allmost tubelike quality.
Power won't be a issue with the Triangle's. I also listen to (loud) Rock Music and 30 ("tube") Watts are plenty enough-I never got the amps Coughing and Puffing. When considering ss amps choose carefully. "Softer", melower amps fare mutch better then harsh and edgy ones with Triangle Loudspeakers.
Remember: Quality(talking about Watts) comes before Quantity - especially with Triangle Loudspeakers!
I LOVE them!!!

With my limited experience I would agree with the suggestion of matching Triangle speakers with "softer" sounding amps.

At the last CES show I heard the Zays and the Celius powereed by a Unison Research Unico hybrid integrated and an Audio Analogue Maestro integrated. Both set ups were lively, but I felt the midrange was a tad thin.

I would be curious to hear Triangle speakers with Unison Research all-tube integrateds.